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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture-Related Books

Farm Animals in Fantasy and Fiction — Sheep

Sam Sheep Can't Sleep: A Phonics Flap Book
Cox, Phil Roxbee, Cartwright, Steven, and Jenny Tyler
EDC, 2002
Words with the same phonetic pattern woven into an engaging story.
Digby Differs
Koch, Miriam
Peter Pauper, 2013
Grades PreK-2
Originally published in Germany in 2007, the story introduces a "very special sheep" named Digby who is first seen sitting alone, far from the rest of his herd, at the edge of a hilly enclosure. Yes, Digby is different because his fleece is red-and-white striped, but it's his desire for something more that really sets him apart. When a hot-air balloon passes by (it, too, is striped with red), Digby pursues it into town and beyond. "He found other things that seemed a little bit like him," Koch writes as Digby sniffs at a discarded red-and-white paper cup. Eventually, Digby makes his way to the seashore overseen by a red-striped lighthouse and both the journey and the lighthouse give him literal new perspective.
A Symphony for the Sheep
Millen, CM, and Mary Azarian
BookPartners, LLC, 2011
A celebration of the sheep of Ireland and the shearing, spinning, weaving and knitting of their wool.
Paulsen, Gary
The Haymeadow
Doubleday, 1992
Young Adult
Fourteen-year-old John comes of age and gains self-reliance during the summer he spends up in the Wyoming mountains tending his father's herd of sheep.
Russell the Sheep
Scotton, Rob
Harper Collins, 2005
Grades PreK-2
Russell can't sleep. While the other sheep are dozing off, he ponders the problem of insomnia. When nothing works, he tries counting things. He starts with his feet, and then moves on to the stars. Finally, he counts sheep. Russell nods off just as the new day dawns and the others awaken.
Sheep in Jeep
Shaw, Nancy
Sandpiper, 2006
When five foolish sheep cram into one jeep, their high spirits and occasional lack of foresight (like forgetting to steer) combine to make a riotous, if ill-fated, road trip. Plummeting over a hill, tumbling into a mud puddle, yelping for help, these muttonheads just can't get their act together, much to the delight of young readers.
Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
Sloat, Teri, and Nadine Bernard Westcott
DK, 2000
Grades K-2
The sheep want their fleece back and follow the wool through the process of spinning, dyeing and knitting. Farmer Brown knits the sheep sweaters in beautiful colors so that they are happy every year to produce more wool for him.
Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep (Cat the Cat)
Willems, Mo
Balzar and Bray, 2010
Grades PreK-2
Cat's friends all appear midway through a familiar step in the process of getting ready for bed. Sheep is reading; Pig is in the tub; Giraffe is brushing her teeth, Horse is on the toilet, etc. As the animals drift off to sleep, Owl is left on a perch, watching over them.