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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture-Related Books

Farm Animals in Fantasy and Fiction — Fish

The Bulldoggers Club: The Tale of the Ill-Gotten Catfish
Hay, Barbara and Steven Walker
Roadrunner, 2012
Members of The Bulldoggers Club go on a fishing trip only to land a monstrous catfish. There's just one problem: they're fishing on private land, without permission. Convinced they have a record catch, the boys decide to lie about where they caught it and haul the catfish to town to be weighed. Before the prize fish can be even fried, the boys learn how fast one big lie can get away from a fellow
Oklahoma writer)
Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band
Weeks, Sarah, and Elwood H. Smith
Atheneum for Young Readers, 2009
Grades PreK-3
Catfish Kate and her all-girl band liven up the bayou with their rockin' tunes, but the Skunktail Boys are demanding a little peace and quiet. The boys want to read. The girls want to play. And the swamp's not big enough for the both of them! Or is it? A rhythmic read-aloud about the power of compromise.
Gone Fishing: A Novel
Wissinger, Tamera Will, and Matthew Cordell
HMH for Young Readers, 2013
Grades 1-4
Nine-year-old Sam loves fishing with his dad. So when his pesky little sister, Lucy, horns in on their fishing trip, he's none too pleased: “Where's my stringer? / Something's wrong! / The princess doll does not belong!” All ends well in this winsome book of poems—each labeled with its proper poetic form, from quatrain to tercet. Together the poems build a dawn-to-dusk story of a father-son bond, of sibling harmony lost and found—and most of all, of delicious anticipation. Charming line drawings animate the poetry with humor and drama, and the extensive Poet's Tackle Box at the end makes this the perfect primer to hook aspiring poets of all ages.
Steamboat Annie and the Thousand Pound Catfish
Wright, Catherine, and Howard Fine
Philomel, 2001
Grades 1-4
In this literary tall tale, everyone in the Ohio River town of Pleasant sings, which drives Ernie, a 1000-pound catfish, so crazy that he starts a feud by chomping on a ferry boat, eating Doc's dock, destroying Tom Sawyer's raft, and even eating the church. When the outspoken Steamboat Annie offers to rid the town of this fishy nuisance, Slimy Jefferson Jackson, who wants to be mayor, makes a deal with the catfish that if he will eat Annie, Jefferson will throw in the town's annoying singing cow for a tasty snack. However, in a loud exchange of insults, Annie tricks them both and ends up being towed by the fish up and down the Ohio and the Mississippi. A year and a half later, she has finally worn Ernie out, and she flings him clear to California, where he still causes earthquake trouble.