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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture-Related Books

Farm Animals in Nonfiction — Sheep

Grouping Materials: From Gold to Wool(Science Answers)
Ballard, Carol
Heinemann, 2003
Grades 4-6
Students investigate the world of physical science and learn through experiments which materials are best to use in which situations and how important materials from plants and animals are to their daily activities.
The Biography of Wool (How Did That Get Here?)
Gleason, Carrie
Crabtree, 2007
Grades 4-6
The story of one of the world's first fibers, shorn from sheep, carded into wool since as early as 1500 BC. Young readers will learn the introduction of mass manufactured clothing during the Industrial Revolution and how wool and textiles are produced today.
Farm Animals: Sheep
Green, Emily
Bellweather, 2007
Grades K-2
Early reader provides very basic information about sheep, including sheep shearing. Includes a glossary.
Weaving the Rainbow
Lyon, George Ella
Atheneum/Richard Jackson, 2004
Grades PreK-2
A young woman raises sheep, shears them, cards and spins the wool, dyes the yarn, and weaves it at a loom. Terms like "yearling," "skein," "warp," "weft," "shuttle," and "treadles" are understandable in context and bring richness to the text. Words and illustrations complement each other in evoking the essence of creating art and in portraying the lush countryside. In her skillfully composed watercolor artwork, Anderson directs readers' eyes and shows them what to focus on. The paintings, with their dose of impressionism, effectively depict textures, but they can also suggest steam or wind. The final spread reveals what the woman is weaving: a picture of her sheep in their pasture, to which an illustration on the dedication page alluded earlier.
From Sheep to Sweater: A Start to Finish Book
Nelson, Robin
Lerner, 2003
Grades PreK-2
Sheep (Down on the Farm)
Ray, Hannah
Crabtree, 2008
Grades PreK-2
Sheep Have Lambs
Stone, Lynn M.
Compass Point, 2001
Grades PreK-2
Wool and Cotton (How We Use Materials)
Storey, Rita
Smart Apple, 2007
Grades 4-6