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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Agriculture-Related Books

Farm Animals in Fantasy and Fiction — Horses

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse
Carle, Eric
Philomel, 2011
Grades PreK-3
Every child has an artist inside, and this picture book will help let it out. The artist in the book paints the world as he sees it, just like a child. Filled with some of the most colorful animals of Eric Carle's career.
If a Horse Had Words
Cooper, Kelly
Tundra Books, 2018
Grades PreK-3rd
A lyrical and exquisitely illustrated picture book following the relationship between a boy and a horse, separated then reunited. This is a story about enduring friendships and how language is shaped by our experiences. This is a beautifully written and heartwarming story told from the horse's point of view that follows her relationship with a boy from the day she is born, to when she is sent to auction, to the day she and the boy are reunited at a rodeo where she has become a bronc and he a cowboy.
Leah's Pony
Friedrich, Elizabeth, and Michael Garland
Boyds Mills, 1999
Grades K-3
Amid the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, Leah's father is faced with the loss of the family farm and puts his farm and equipment up for auction, but Leah comes up with the money by selling her beloved pony.
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
Goble, Paul
Atheneum, 2001
Grades K-2
For most people, being swept away in a horse stampede during a raging thunderstorm would be a terrifying disaster. For the young Native American girl in Paul Gobl's 1979 Caldecott-winning masterpiece. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, it is a blessing. Although she loves her people, this girl has a much deeper, almost sacred, connection to her equine friends. The storm gives her the opportunity to fulfill her dream -to live in a beautiful land among the wild horses she loves. With brilliant, stylized illustrations and simple text, Paul Goble tells the story of a young woman who follows her heart and the family that respects and accepts her uniqueness.
The Legend of Jimmy Spoon
Gregory, Kristiana
Graphia, 2002
Grades 4-7
Twelve-year-old Jimmy Spoon yearns for a life of adventure. So when two Shoshoni boys offer him a horse, Jimmy sneaks away from his family in Salt Lake City to follow the boys. When Jimmy arrives at the Shoshoni camp, he discovers that he is expected to stay - as a member of the tribe. Inspired by the memoirs of a white man who actually lived with Chief Washakie's tribe as a boy in the mid-1800s. The Legend of Jimmy Spoon is a compelling coming-of-age adventure.
Pistol the Horse
Hartfield, Dr. Rebekah
Workman By Design LLC, 2018
Grades PreK-3rd
Pistol the Horse has hurt his leg! When Abby and Julian discover that Pistol is hurt, they must rush him over to Dr. Hartfield's clinic, and fast! Complete with Quiz and Vocabulary.
Dust Devil
Isaacs, Anne, and Paul Zelinsky
Schwartz and Wade, 2010
Grades PreK-2
Angelica Longrider, the "wildest wildcat in Tennessee" and larger than life moves to the open spaces of Montana where she finds a fine, feisty steed to be her sidekick.