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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

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Agriculture-Related Books

Farm Animals in Fantasy and Fiction — Poultry

Daisy Comes Home
Brett, Jan
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2002, G.P. Putnam's Sons
Mei-Mei had the six happiest hens in China. She gave them treats and fresh hay baths, and when she called to them-gu gu gu gu gu!-they all ran to her as fast as they could. But one of the hens, Daisy, was not always so happy. The other hens picked on Daisy and pushed her off the perch every night. Then one day, Daisy is accidentally washed out onto the river in a basket and she soon learns to stand up for herself. When she finds her way home, this plucky little hen is no longer afraid as she bravely takes her place on the roost.
Goose on the Loose
Cox, Phil Roxbee, Cartwright, Steven, and Jenny Tyler
EDC, 2001
Words with the same phonetic pattern woven into an engaging story.
Hen's Pens
Cox, Phil Roxbee, Cartwright, Steven, and Jenny Tyler
EDC, 2002
Words with the same phonetic pattern woven into an engaging story.
The Trouble With Chickens
Cronin, Doreen, and Kevin Cornell
Balzer and Bray, 2011
Grades 2-4
J.J. Tully, a former search-and-rescue dog, is hired by a mama chick named Mildred, who wants him to find two of her brood that have gone missing.
Zinnia and Dot
Ernst, Usa Campbell
Viking/Penguin, 1992
Grades PreK-2
Zinnia and Dot, two hens who live alone in an old chicken coop, spend their time fighting about whose eggs are the most beautiful and perfect. One day a weasel steals all their eggs except for one. They agree to share the egg until it is hatched, but still hate each other. When the weasel returns again, they finally put aside their quarrels and fight him off together. This common victory is the starting point for their friendship, and when the baby chick is hatched, it grows up with two mother hens.
Blue Chicken
Freedman, Deborah
Viking, 2011
Grades PreK-2
All this chicken wants to do is help. But when she spills a pot of blue paint, the other animals don't find her helpful. And things only get worse - and more blue - the harder she tries. Playing with colors and perspective, and using minimal text, the author refuses to stay within the lines.
Nursery Classics: A Galdone Treasury
Galdone, Paul
Houghton Mifflin, 2004
Grades K-3
Includes Galdone's classic versions of The Three Little Pigs, The Little Red Hen, The Three Bears and The Cat Goes Fiddle Dee Dee.
Where Are My Chicks?
Grindley, Sally, and Jill Newton
Phyllis Fogelman, 2002
Where are the chicks? Mother Hen doesn't know, but all the animals in the farmyard have offered to help her look for them. Young children will enjoy learning their numbers as they help find and count the chicks in this counting book. Sally Grindley's simple text has a clever surprise ending, and the bold acrylic illustrations by Jill Newton are full of many adorable animals-especially the fluffy yellow chicks who bounce across the page to be reunited with their mother, at last!
Elinor and Violet: The Story of Two Naughty Chickens
Murphy, Patti Beling
Little Brown, 2001
Grades K-3
When Elinor, who is sometimes just a little naughty, makes friends with Violet, who is much naughtier, Elinor almost spoils the visit of her favorite aunt.
Gimme Cracked Corn and I Will Share
O'Malley, Kevin
Walker Books for Young Readers, 2007
Grades PreK-2
Corny one-liners drive this slapstick fantasy, as two featherbrained hens cross the road to follow their dreams.
Daisy and the Beastie
Simmons, Jane
Grades K-2
In search of the "beastie" in their grandfather's story, Daisy (the duckling) and her little brother Pip waddle among the farm and meadow animals. As each animal responds to them, Pip, like any young child, imitates their sounds, mooing or honking. Creeping into a dark shed, the ducklings are alarmed by a frightening sound and scram for their lives. The "beasties" emerge from the darkness, but they're only kittens.
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo
Stevens, Janet
Tiger Tales, 2004
Grades PreK-2
A rooster and his eager assistants set out to make strawberry shortcake. Teaches basic cooking skills and helps build vocabulary.
T is for Turkey: A True Thanksgiving Story
Stone, Tanya Lee, and Gerald Kelley
Price Stern Sloam, 2009
Grades PreK-2
The elementary school puts on a play that tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. Rhyming couplets that flow through the alphabet help kids celebrate everything from harvest to Pilgrims to turkey.
Too Many Turkeys
White, Linda, and Megan Lloyd
Holiday House, 2011
Grades 1-3
After a little lost turkey wanders onto Belle and Fred's farm, Belle's garden becomes the most beautiful one in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to know her secret, but Belle won't tell. Then, while she is out of town, another turkey comes to roost on the farm - and then another and another, until the whole farm is overrun. Fred is at his wit's end when his neighbor.