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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom




January 17 is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin

"Franklin lived most of his life in the city, yet he had an extensive interest in agriculture and farming. He introduced native American plants to Europe and some European plants to America, advocated a silk industry for the British colonies, printed a number of books on agriculture and botany, suggested implementing crop insurance, and helped educate people in the use of gypsum as a fertilizer."

A Hidden Beauty: Bulbs
It may be cold and dreary outside, but students can grow beautiful flowers indoors from bulbs. Narcissus and amaryllis are the simplest and are usually available this time of year, maybe even on sale. In this lesson students learn about bulbs and construct a model of a plant that grows from a bulb.
Snowball Fight
In this lesson students learn how snow helps crops grow while playing a game using facts and words about snow.
Writing Prompt

Write a newspaper story about a snowball fight.