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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



National Chicken Month


In 2017, poultry and eggs were the third most valuable agricultural commodity in our state. Celebrate National Chicken Month with these lessons and activities:

All Chickens and Egg Lessons and Resources
One of the biggest challenges for the poultry industry is the safe disposal of poultry waste. Learn how waste becomes a valuable resource with this lesson.
Nicoma Park and the Chicken Industry

Nicoma Park, east of downtown Oklahoma City, was originally developed as an agricultural community whose purpose was to maintain a poultry colony where "modern homes on acreage tracts may be bought on the installment plan and paid for through commercial production of high grade eggs, under the free supervision of an expert." Read more about this planned agricultural community in the Oklahoma Historical Society's Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture.

Writing Prompt

In Gainesville, Georgia, the chicken capital of the world, it is illegal to eat chicken with a fork. Write a comparative essay on the advantages and disadvantages of eating chicken with a fork.

The Sick Chicken The Sick Chicken, 1874 by Winslow Homer
Hannah, Ray, Chickens (Down on the Farm), Crabtree, 2008. (Grades PreK-2)
Harvard, Christian, Face to Face With the Chicken, Charlesbridge, 2003.
Sklansky, Amy E., and Pam Paparone, Where Do Chicks Come From? Collins, 2005. (Grades PreK-3)
Excellent illustrations of the egg-laying anatomy of the hen, structure of the egg and embryo to chick development process and hatching process. Discusses which eggs are fertile and why and explains that the eggs children eat for breakfast are not fertile.