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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Chicken Head Puppet

Each student needs:

  • white felt, 36" by 18"
  • red felt, 1 square


  1. Fold white felt in half so it measures 18" by 18"
  2. Cut jagged lines at the fold to make an opening for the face of mask.
  3. Cut jagged lines around the edge.
  4. Cut in about 10 ½" into fold in top.
  5. Double the red felt and cut to make a comb about 10 1/2" long to fit into top of mask.
  6. With white scraps, cut two triangles with jagged edges to fit beside the comb.
  7. Sew comb and white trangles into top of chicken head.
  8. Cut two teardrop-shaped wattles out of red felt and sew in front of head.