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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom




Learning Activities

The Fable of Franny and Her Fabulous Fainting Goat
Students get practice telling time while reading about a goat with an unusual trait.
A Market for Goats
Students will read about goat production in Oklahoma and learn about the market for goats among various ethnic groups. Students will research ethnic groups and holidays in which goat meat plays an important part. Students will look at several works of art related to goats and make a timeline of the paintings to show the role of goats in history. Students will research to find the origins of the paintings and locate the countries on a map of the world.
Say Cheese!
Grade 5: Science
Students make cheese.
Taming the Wild Aurochs
Grades 6-High School: ELA, Science, World History
Students will read about and research the domestication of animals, including the wild aurochs, ancestor of modern cattle. Students will create a timeline of the domestication of animals.

Additional Resources