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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems

The Darby Ram

Part of an old British winter ritual, "The Darby Tup," this song was performed by five or six singers going house to house at Christmastime. This was George Washington's favorite song.
As I was going to Darby,
Twas on a market day.
I saw the biggest ram, sir
That ever was fed on hay.
That ram was fat behind, sir,
That ram was fat before.
It measured six yards round, sir,
And I think it was no more.
The horns upon its head, sir,
As high as a man can reach.
And there they built a pulpit,
The Quakers for to preach.
The hair upon its belly,
It reached to the ground
And sold in Darby town, sir,
For forty-seven pound.
Indeed, sir, and it's true, sir,
I've never been known to lie.
And if you'd been to Darby,
You'd seen it as well as I.