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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems


by Meish Goldish

What bearded animal helps on the farm?
The goat!
What friendly creature is loaded with charm?
The goat!
Who can produce both milk and wool?
The goat!
Who grows long horns like a bull?
The goat!
What creature can mow your lawn,
Eating the grass until it's gone?
What animal can you always count on?
The goat!

  • produce - to cause to be or happen
Discussion Questions and Activities
  1. Read the poem as a class and discuss unfamiliar words.
  2. Find the rhyming words.
  3. List some words that rhyme with goat. Write your own rhyming poem.
  4. Find the words that tell you what the goat looks like.
  5. What can the goat produce? What else can the goat do to help on the farm? How does the goat mow the lawn?
  6. Memorize and recite the poem.