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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Prairie Rag Doll

Each student needs:

  • 1 14- by 8-inch piece of unbleached muslin
  • 2 3- by 9-inch fabric scraps
  • 1 6- by 4- by 4-inch x fabric triangle


  1. Measure and rip muslin into a rectangle.
  2. Measure and mark 16 1/2-inch increments along the length of the muslin
  3. Rip 16 1/2-inch strips
  4. Fold 15 of the strips in half, and use one strip to tie off a doll's head. The tie also serves as arms.
  5. Cut a 1/2-inch hole in the center of each of the two scraps, and place over the head of the doll.
  6. Tie the arms on top of both layers of the dress in the front.
  7. Use your imagination to trim your dress, or make a heart cutout on the top layer.
  8. Tie on the triangle as a bonnet.