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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems


by Robert Francis

Last fall I saw the farmer
follow the plow that dug the long dark furrows
Between the hillslope and the hollow.
All winter long the land lay fallow.
The woodchuck slept within his burrow
And heard no hound or farm boy's hallow.
Tonight the rain drives its dark arrows
Deep in the soil, down to its marrow.
The arows of the sun tomorrow.

Farmers intentionally burn off their fields after harvesting to prepare for the next cycle of crops. The process, called agricultural burning, rids the land of excess straw and stubble. Once the grain is harvested they cut a perimeter of the field, turn the ground up around the perimeter and set the stubble to flames. They monitor the area closely to make sure the fire doesn't hop over the fire break and get into surrounding woods.