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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Classroom Resources

Agriculture-Related Books


Once Upon a Farm
Artley, Bob
Pelican, 2000
Young Adult
The writer and illustrator grew up on an Iowa farm in the 1930s as the Age of the Horse was giving way to the Age of the Tractor. Detailed sketches and color drawings illustrate the work involved - walking through the spring mud from barn to barn carrying a bucket of feed, a bird's-eye view of the farmstead, cleaning oat seed with a hand-powered fanning mill, planting corn behind a team of horses, milking a cow the old-fashioned way, the details of a cream separator, threshers at harvest time and much more. Artley describes the hard work but also the fun.
Harvest Time
Cipriano, Jerry
Red Bricklearning, 2003
Grades PreK-2
Photographs and text depict how various fruits, vegetables or grains are grown, show the plant as it is either growing or ripe, and describes the harvest process.
The Man Who Fed the World: Nobel Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug and His Battle to End World Hunger
Hesser, Leon
Durban House, 2006
Young Adult
Nobel Prize winner for averting hunger and famine, Borlaug is credited with saving hundreds of millions from starvation.
Harvest Year
Peterson, Cris
Boyd's Mills Press, 2009
Grades PreK-2
In a month-by-month spread of vivid color photos and brief text, the author introduces the bounty of crops produced across the US. Each month is treated in two large pages that include a map highlighting the producing states, children enjoying one of the products, a picturesque crop in the field, and a piece of unusual machinery. The text contains interesting facts about foods familiar to the young. The author includes a list of briefly annotated books with an agricultural theme.
From Our Fields to You
Worrell, Kellie
Worrell, 2011
Written by a working farmer from Virginia, the picture book gives readers a look at how food gets from farm to plate.