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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



Oklahoma Fruit of the Month: Cherries

Chinese Plate With Cherries and Bean Pod Chinese Plate With Cherries and Bean Pod, 1620 by Giovanna Garzoni

The US leads the world in sweet cherry production, producing about 370 million pounds every year. Sweet cherries are grown commercially in Washington, Oregon, California. and Michigan. Oklahoma is too hot and dry for commercial cherry production, but sour cherries are grown successfully in some home gardens. On large cherry orchards, large machines actually shake the tree to harvest the cherries.

Be a Food Explorer

Try dried cherries or cherry yogurt as a healthy snack for National Snack Food Month.

Play With Your Food

Students compare sweet and sour cherries and canned, frozen and dried cherries. How are they different? How are they the same? Which do students prefer? Graph the results.

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Writing Prompt

Is life really like a bowl of cherries? If so, explain how? If not, what is a better food analogy?