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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems


The Pumpkin Seed

by Jana Sanderson
(To the Tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider")
Once the little pumpkin seeds were planted in the ground. (Hold hands in a fist as if holding seeds in your hand.)
Down came the raindrops, falling all around. (Spread fingers and wiggle them from high to low, to indicate rain falling.)
Out came the sun and vines began to grow. (Raise hands to show vines growing.)
Then after yellow flowers the pumpkins grew just so! (Hands over belly, making a round motion like a round pumpkin.)

Where's My Pumpkin?

by Margaret Southard
As children sing this song, invite them to dramatize the emotion indicated in the blank. Repeat and substitute other feelings.
(To the tune of ""Where is Thumbkin!")
Where's my pumpkin? Where's my pumpkin?
Here it is! Here it is!
(happy) Jack-o-lantern.
(happy) Jack-o-lantern.
Looks like this. Looks like this.

Sing a Song of Pumpkins

by Suzanne Moore
(To the tune of "Sing a Song of Sixpence")
Sing a song of pumpkins
Nice and big and round
Growing in the pumpkin patch
All around the ground.
I'll pick out my pumpkin
And scoop it nice and clean,
Then carve a jack-o-lantern.
Oh, Happy Halloween!

Pumpkins Everywhere!

by Deborah Garmon
(To the tune of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm")
Pumpkins, pumpkins all around,
Pumpkins everywhere!
Pumpkins, pumpkins on the ground,
Lots of them to share!
Some are big,
Some are small.
Fat ones, skinny ones,
Some are even quite tall!
Pumpkins, pumpkins all around.
Pumpkins everywhere!