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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Cattle Herding

  1. Provide each student with three white balloons. These represent the student's "cattle herd."
  2. Students will blow up the balloons. Balloons that pop will be considered a loss to the cattleman.
  3. Students will use markers to draw their "brands" on their "cattle" (balloons).
  4. When all the cattle are branded, they must be "trucked" to the range. Students will decide how many cattle will fit comfortably in each truck (large plastic garbage bags). Then students must figure out how many "trucks" they will need to transport all the cattle. Explain that overcrowding will cause distress and the possible death of an animal. Too few animals could allow too much movement, which could result in an animal slipping and hurting itself.
  5. After all the cattle are turned out on the "range" (playground, cafeteria, gym, etc.) and allowed to graze for awhile (Move the balloons around to mix them up, similar to what they would do on an open range.) the ranchers must gather their cattle. The first cattleman to successfully gather all his/her cattle wins. Remember that a popped balloon at any time is a death loss to the rancher.