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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Western Garb

Stick Horse

Each student needs:
  • large brown paper bag
  • tissue
  • cardboard wrapping tube
  • string or yarn
  1. Draw a simple horse head on one side of a large brown paper bag, or use the pattern provided in the lesson linked above.
  2. Cut through both sides of the paper bag.
  3. Decorate each side of the horse head with an eye, a nostril and a mouth.
  4. Cut an additional strip of the paper bag, and fringe it to look like the horse's maine.
  5. Staple the two sides of the head together, with the mane, and stuff it with tissue.
  6. Tape the head on a cardboard wrapping paper tube.
  7. Punch a hole under the mouth to add a string for the reins.

Western Vest

Each student needs:
  • large brown paper bag
  1. Cut the bag up the middle.
  2. Make arm holes so students can slip it on like a coat.
  3. Cut fringe on the bottom and decorate.


Each student needs:
  • large grocery bag
  • yarn
  1. Decide how wide you want the chaps by measuring across the front only of the child's waist.
  2. Cut partially down the middle to make the pant legs.
  3. Punch holes at either side of the waist and at either side of each leg just below the knees.
  4. Tie a piece of yarn to each hole.
  5. Tie the chaps around the child's waist, and tie each leg of the chaps around the legs.