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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Watermelon Mosaic

Each student needs:

  • watermelon slices to taste
  • watermelon seeds
  • torn green construction paper
  • torn white construction paper
  • torn red construction paper
  • paper plate


  1. Give each student a watermelon slice on a paper plate.
  2. Students will think about the sound, taste, smell, look and texture of their watermelon as they enjoy eating it.
  3. Students fold clean paper plates in half.
  4. Students glue torn green construction paper pieces around the outside curved edge of their plates to represent a watermelon rind.
  5. Students add just enough torn white construction paper pieces to make a line of white next to the green.
  6. Students glue small red construction paper pieces to fill in the remaining space.
  7. Students glue watermelon seeds on the red pieces.
  8. Students open their plates and write descriptions about the watermelon they have eaten, using the following guidelines: outside color, inside color, seeds (yes, no), shape, color, outside feel, inside feel, taste, shape.