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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Red Dirt Redbud

Each student needs:

  • water
  • garden soil
  • bucket
  • light blue construction paper
  • pink and lavender tissue paper
  • pencils, with erasers
  • glue
  • brown felt tip marker


  1. Mix water and garden soil in a bucket to make mud.
  2. Each student will dip his/her hand and wrist into the mud.
  3. Each student will carefully place his/her hand on the construction paper, spreading fingers to create prints of branches. The wrist print will serve as the tree trunk.
  4. Allow the wrist print to dry.
  5. Students will create blossoms (1 to 1 1/2-inch squares) of the tissue paper.
  6. Students will twist the tissue paper squares around a pencil eraser and use the pencil to gently press the squares onto dots of glue placed on the blue construction paper near the "branches." The tissue should come off the eraser easily.
  7. Repeat until the tree is full of blossoms. It should look similar to an Oklahoma redbud as it blooms.
  8. If there are missing sections of the "tree" or if students want more detail, they can add lines with the marker.