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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Introductory Lessons

Introductory Lessons
Ag in My Community
Students will read and learn about agriculture in their own community and across the state. Students will identify agricultural commodities produced in their county, along with businesses that support agriculture and agritourism opportunities available in their area. Students will sample soil from the area and conduct experiments to identify soil types. Students will construct a simple rain gauge to measure rainfall and compare their results with official totals.
A Day without Ag
Students will spell the word "agriculture," discuss its meaning and read about the impact of agriculture to them. Students will identify everyday things made from agriculture. Students will sort items made from agriculture. Students will count how many people in their class have used different agriculture products. They will write numbers or tally marks to show their results.
Your Future in Agriculture
Students will explore and research a variety of careers in agriculture. Students will read about rapid advances in agriculture now and in American history.