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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



American Farmers Count! Census 2020
Grades 3-5: Social Studies, Math, ELA
Students will complete a family tree and write each family members name, and they state they lived in as an adult. They will identify who in their family is/was involved in agriculture. They will then transfer this information to a map of the United States. Students will choose a relative and compare census data from their state with Oklahoma. Students will read about the process of counting American farmers, as well as all Americans. They will discover the difference between the Census of Agriculture and the decennial census. They will find the main idea of a reading passage.
Counting Sheep or People? Census 2020
Grades PreK-2: Math, World Languages
Students will use one-to-one correspondence and count popcorn to represent sheep by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s. Students will use tally marks to record the number of "sheep" they have. Students will use counting words from other languages to count popcorn, which represents sheep. Students learn about the Census of 2020 by taking a census of their class and creating a class graph.