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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


2023 AITC Contest

Oklahoma Agriculture: Our Roots Run Deep

Explore Oklahoma’s rich agricultural heritage through a variety of Ag in the Classroom lessons. Find your agricultural “roots” through family; genetics; crops; livestock; or pioneers and historical figures in agriculture.

PreK-2nd Grade Coloring Contest
3rd-12th Grade Poster Contest
9th-12th Grade Photography Contest
2023 AITC Teacher of the Year
2023 AITC Contest Lessons
Lessons to teach your students about Oklahoma Agriculture: Our Roots Run Deep
Oklahoma AITC resources available to help students explore agricultural careers

2022 AITC Contest Winners

Find your Future in Agriculture

The 2022 contest theme is "Find your Future in Agriculture." Although agricultural producers are critical in providing food and fiber for all of us, many other careers support food getting onto our plates. Let's introduce students to the vast opportunities and careers in the agricultural industry!