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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems

Winter Trees

by William Carlos Williams

All the complicated details
of the attiring and
the disattiring are completed!
A liquid moon
moves gently among
the long branches.
Thus having prepared their buds
against a sure winter
the wise trees
stand sleeping in the cold.

Discussion and Activities
  1. Students take turns reading the poem aloud.
  2. Discuss the poem's rhythm.
  3. Students look up the word "attire" if they don't know what it means. What is the attiring and the disattiring of the trees?
  4. Why does Williams describe the moon as liquid?
  5. How do the trees prepare their buds for winter?
  6. What makes the the trees wise?
  7. Identify any use of simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification and idiom in this poem.
  8. Identify the poetic style used in this poem.
  9. Write a paragraph in your own words describing a scene in your memory that is similar to the scene Williams describes in his poem.