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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Songs and Poems

The Littlest Worm

Sing to the tune of "Sippin' Cider Through a Straw."
The littlest worm (The littlest worm)
You ever saw (You ever saw)
Got stuck inside (Got stuck inside)
My soda straw (My soda straw)
The littlest worm you ever saw
Got stuck inside my soda straw
He said to me (He said to me)
"Don't take a sip ("Don't take a sip)
'Cause if you do ('Cause if you do)
You'll get real sick." (You'll get real sick.")
He said to me, "Don't take a sip,
'Cause if you do, you'll get real sick."
I took a sip (I took a sip)
And he went down (And he went down)
Right through my pipe (Right through my pipe)
He must have drowned (He must have drowned)
I took a sip and he went down
Right through my pipe, he must have drowned.
He was my pal (He was my pal)
He was my friend (He was my friend)
There is no more (There is no more)
This is the end (This is the end)
He was my pal, he was my friend
There is no more, this is the end.
Now don't you fret (Now don't you fret)
Now don't you fear (Now don't you fear)
That little worm (That little worm)
Had scuba gear (Had scuba gear)
Now don't you fret, now don't you fear,
That little worm had scuba gear.