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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Scented Heating Pad With Oklahoma Grain (or legumes)

Each student needs:

  • tube socks or heavy flannel sewn into a tube
  • wheat kernels, dried
  • corn, barley, rye or beans
  • cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, lavendar, rosemary, dried orange peel
  • large bowls or pans for mixing


  1. Students will select desired fragrances from the herbs and spices provided.
  2. Students will mix desired fragrances with the grains or beans provided.
  3. Students will fill tube socks or flannel tubes with the mixtures of grains or beans and fragrance.
  4. Students will tie or sew ends to secure tubes.
  5. To use, place in clean microwave for one minute and apply to sore area.