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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Holiday Decor With Wheat

Shredded Wheat Wreath

Each student needs:
  • Cool Whip-type lids
  • shredded wheat cereal
  • glue
  • green food coloring
  • Red Hots
  1. Crumble shredded wheat.
  2. Mix with enough glue and green food coloring to coat.
  3. Put the mixture onto the plastic lid.
  4. Shape it around the edge so it looks like a wreath.
  5. Press in the red hots for the berries.
  6. Let the wreath dry overnight.

Festive Wheat Stalks

Each student needs:
  • a few stalks of wheat
  • gold spray paint
  • bright ribbon or bow
  • gold wire
  • gold glitter
  1. Spray stalks of wheat with paint.
  2. Sprinkle on some gold glitter while the paint is wet, and it will stick to the seeds.
  3. Tie with the ribbon or bow.
  4. Fasten to the Christmas tree with gold wire.

Wheat Weaving

Each student needs:
  • stalks of wheat
  • tub of water
  • colored ribbon
  1. Soak wheat in the tub of water for an hour or more.
  2. Holding three seed heads together, braid the stems of the wheat stalks.
  3. Curve the ends around to make desired shape - oval loop, a circle wreath, heart shape, angel, etc.
  4. Tie with brightly ribbon. As the stalks dry, they will hold their shape.