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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Garden Journal

Each student needs:

  • 1 large paper grocery bag with handles
  • raffia or garden twine
  • monthly calendar
  • notebook paper
  • markers
  • 3-hole punch


  1. Cut the large bag down the side until you reach the bottom.
  2. Continue cutting around the bottom of the bag and discard the bottom.  
  3. Cut 2 pieces 18 x 10 inches, with handles attached. 
  4. Fold up each piece 7 inches and staple on each side to form a pocket.
  5. Punch 3 holes in the side of each piece using the hole punch. 
  6. Place blank notebook pages and calendar within the two cover pices.
  7. Tie the booklet together with raffia or garden twine.
  8. Decorate the front with markers.
  9. Enjoy your journal.