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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Butterfly Net

Each student needs:

  • 1 piece of nylon netting or tulle, 2 ft by 3 ft
  • 1 coat hanger
  • 1 PVC pipe, 3 or 4 feet long
  • needle and thread
  • 1 rubber band


  1. Fold the netting in half
  2. Sew a seam up the length of the netting, leaving casing free
  3. Bend hangers so they form a circle. Leave the hooks as they are
  4. Fold the netting over the tops of the hangers
  5. Stitch the netting in place, leaving the hooked end of the hanger free
  6. Fasten the end of the net with a rubber band
  7. Bend the hook of the hanger so it will fit inside the PVC pipe