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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


3-D Berry

Each student needs:

  • pink, blue, red and/or purple construction paper
  • 2 paper fasteners for each berry
  • green construction paper for vines
  • paper punch
  • scissors


  1. Cut three strips, about one inch wide, down the short side of the colored paper.
  2. Students write a sentence about berries on each strip.
  3. Holding the strips together in a stack, use a paper punch to make three holes in each strip: one in the middle and one a half inch from each end.
  4. Still holding the strips together, put a paper fastener in the middle hole.
  5. Trace your hand for the leaf (DO NOT SPREAD YOUR FINGERS APART) and/or cut strips of green and curl them with a pencil for vines.
  6. Punch a hole in leaf and vine, and put a paper fastener through the hole.
  7. Bring up the ends of the long strips, and fasten them all together.
  8. Spread out the paper strips to form a berry.