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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Facts


  • Triticale is a cross between wheat and rye. Although wheat-rye hybrids date back to 1875, it was only in 1953 that the first North American triticale breeding program was initiated, at the University of Manitoba.
  • Triticale grains, flours, and prepared products are available through both health food and commercial outlets on a limited basis.
  • Triticale has a savory, nutty flavor and is often included in prepared mixed-grain hot and cold cereals, muffin flours, pancake mixes and crackers.
  • Poland, Germany, China, and France account for nearly 90 percent of world triticale production.
  • In the US and globally, triticale is used primarily for livestock feed.
  • In Mexico, triticale is used mostly for whole-grain tricale breads and tortillas.
  • Triticale is a desirable plant for use in the production of Ethanol because it has high starch content and no hull, making alcohol production more efficient.