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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



Forestry in Oklahoma

Christmas Tree Farm Christmas Tree Farm

Oklahoma's forest and paper industry employs nearly 11,000 people, with an annual payroll of $260 million, and contributes $750 million in value-added products to the state's economy annually. The primary products made from Oklahoma's timber are softwood and hardwood lumber, craft paper, oriented strand board (OSB), softwood plywood, railroad ties, pallets, writing paper, furniture veneers, posts and poles.

Oklahoma Forests
Students observe and write about a tree, read about Oklahoma forest regions, locate the different forest regions on a map of Oklahoma, create map legends based on the reading, and create models of trees.
Making Paper
Paper making is a great project for your students during this gift-giving season.
Chewed Paper and Sticky Stuff
Paper sculpture, in the form of papier mache is an old tradition. Some of the earliest fancy dolls had papier mache faces.
Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns
Gather the acorns falling from Oklahoma oak trees to start oak seedlings.
The Eastern Redcedar
Students will read about the eastern redcedar and determine the points of view of two authors. Students will locate the range of the eastern redcedar on a map of the US and identify the longitudes and latitudes of the boundaries. Students will conduct scientific investigations with eastern redcedar.