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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



September is All-American Breakfast Month


Ask students what they would consider an All-American Breakfast. Many traditional breakfast foods are grown right here in Oklahoma—wheat and corn for cereal, milk from dairy cows, peaches, strawberries or melon to top it off, eggs from Oklahoma's poultry industry and pork or beef sausage on the side.

Yam and Eggs
In China congee, or rice porridge, is a breakfast staple. The rice is cooked in lots of water until it is creamy, then garnished with cooked meat or fish, clams, seaweed or tofu. Encourage your students to try something different for breakfast as they learn what people eat for breakfast around the world.
The Grain Game
Many of your students' favorite cereals are made from grains that grow right here in Oklahoma. In this lesson students learn the origins of these cereals as they play a counting game using cereal pieces.
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Fit With Fiber
Students graph nutritional information from some of their favorite breakfast cereals.
Additional Resources
  • Make Your Own Cereal: Granola Recipe
  • USDA Choose MyPlate
    The USDA Choose MyPlate food guidelines recommend making at least half your grains whole grains. Oklahoma's number one crop, hard red winter wheat, is a major whole grain component in many common breakfast cereals.

Studies show that when kids eat breakfast they have higher test scores, improved daily attendance and better class participation. Yet too many of your students have little or nothing to eat in the morning.

Have a cereal breakfast with peaches, this month's featured Oklahoma fruit.

Writing Prompts
  • Describe your favorite breakfast and explain why you like it.
  • Write a menu for your idea of an All-American breakfast.
Zurakowski, Michele, Midday Meals Around the World, Picture Window, 2004. (Grades 1-5)
Discover what children around the world eat for their midday meals. Menus include meals from North and South America, Durope, Africa, Asia and Australia. Also includes kid-friendly recipes.