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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom



Corn Harvest Begins This Month in Oklahoma

Corn Harvest

Most of Oklahoma's corn crop grows in the Oklahoma panhandle and is used for feeding livestock. In 2017 corn for grain was Oklahoma's 9th most valuable crop at a value of $131 million.

The Green Corn (full) Moon occurs in August, so-called by the Cherokees because it was the time of year when corn was up and showing itself as an identifiable crop.

Corn Lessons
Read about the importance of corn in the development of the ancient Spiro Culture in eastern Oklahoma with this lesson:
Spiro Farming - Corn, Squash and Beans Build a Mighty Trade Center.
Landau, Elaine, Popcorn! Sagebrush, 2003. (Grades 4-6)
Picture book for older children that provides popcorn facts and figures, including the snack's Native American origins, the invention of the popping machine and the popularity of popcorn during World War II.
Nelson, Robin, From Kernel to Corn, Lerner, 2003. (Grades PreK-2)
O'Malley, Kevin, Gimme Cracked Corn and I Will Share, Walker Books for Young Readers, 2007. (Grades PreK-2)
Corny one-liners drive this slapstick fantasy, as two featherbrained hens cross the road to follow their dreams.
No till corn No till corn near Chickasha, OK, August 9, 2007, courtesy of Oklahoma State University