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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Sorghum (Milo) and Soybeans

Sorghum and Soybeans

Sorghum (Milo)

Sorghum Feeds Oklahoma Cattle
Students read and answer questions about sorghum as a feed crop and as a grain crop in other parts of othe world. Students conduct taste tests and follow directions to make sorghum molasses gingerbread.


A Bean is a Seed
Students will learn about germination by sprouting beans and caring for them in small necklaces which they keep around their necks.
Milk by the Gallon, Strawberries by the Quart
Students make a Scarecrow Conversion Chart and get practice converting units of measurement.
Oklahoma's Other Oilfields
Students learn about oilseed crops - canola, soybeans, cottonseeds and sunflower seeds - and how oil is extracted from them.
Soybeans All Around Us
Grades 2-4: Science, ELA, Math
Students will learn the many uses for soybeans. Students will read food labels to identify foods made with soybeans. Students will research to identify additional uses for soybeans.