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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom




Learning Activities

All About Christmas Trees
Grades PreK-2: English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Students will learn about the history of Christmas tree farms and Christmas tree markets. They will create handmade Christmas trees that imitate the geometry found in nature.
Chewed Paper and Sticky Stuff
Students make adhesives from some common food substances and use flour paste to make pinatas and other crafts from papier mache.
The Eastern Redcedar
Students read three articles about Oklahoma's eastern redcedar and find the central idea and supporting facts and author's point of view. Students conduct scientific investigations with eastern redcedar samples. Students identify the range of the eastern redcedar.
Making Paper
Students make paper from recycled paper.
Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns
Students make the connection between seeds and trees by gathering and planting acorns.
Natural or Artificial
Students learn how artificial Christmas trees became popular and explore the advantages and disadvantages of using natural or artificial trees.
Oh, Christmas Tree
Students will sequence facts based on the history of Christmas trees. Students will compare evergreen and deciduous trees and construct a model of an evergreen tree and label its parts.
Oklahoma Forests
Students will use their senses to observe and write about a tree, read about Oklahoma forest regions, locate the different forest regions on a map of Oklahoma, create map legends based on the reading, and create models of trees.
Paper or Plastic? Exploring Rewewable Resources
Students discuss, develop, invent and implement a plan for making informed personal economic decisions about renewable resources.
The Role of Fire in Healthy Prairie, Brush and Forest Land
The importance of fire to maintaining the health of prairie, brush and forest lands.

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