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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Lessons for Fall

Lessons for Fall
Ag in the Outfield
Student will learn about the many agricultural products used in a baseball game.
Ag in the Playing Fields
All the ways agriculture is used in sports, including the grass in the fields.
Be a Bug Scout
Students count insects or specified weeds in a given area to experience how farmers decide whether or not to use pesticides.
Be a Food Explorer
Students will try a variety of unfamiliar fruits and vegetables, research their origins and develop recipes. (Columbus Day)
Bug's Eye View
The student construct an insect holder and observe and classify insects.
The Fair Starts With Agriculture
Students will read about the history of county and state fairs in the US, Indian Territory and the State of Oklahoma. Students will answer comprehension questions about the reading. Students will develop time lines of the history of fairs. Students will develop fair entries for judging.
A Hundred Bales of Hay
Students practice patterns on a hundreds chart while learning about hay production, past and present.
Make Mine Turkey
Students compare foods available for the Pilgrim's Thanksgiving with contemporary Thanksgiving meals. Students create a menu and compute the cost of a turkey dinner, using grocery ads.
Pumpkins, Squash and Other Cucurbits
Many activities with squash and pumpkins.
Punkin' Chunkin'
Grades 3-5: Science, STEM
Students will design and build prototypes of pumpkin catapults to launch mini pumpkins while exploring the phenomenon of force and energy. Students will measure and record the results of launching the pumpkins to discover the effect of force on the motion of the pumpkin and to predict future motion of the pumpkin. Students will design, test, and revise the catapults based on the measurements while discovering ways to convert energy from one form into another and learning that gravitational force is directed down.
A Tough Nut to Crack
Students evaluate the quality of pecans based on a set of criteria.
A Trip to the Animal Fair
Students examine the needs of pets and other animals and compare them with their own needs.