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Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom


Featured Teachers - August

Michelle Spurgin, 1st Grade Teacher

Michelle Spurgin
How did you first learn about the Ag in the Classroom Program?
Michelle: Five years ago, I received an email about a summer road trip in the Poteau area. It sounded interesting, and it was FREE, so I signed up!
How long have you been using the AITC lessons in your classroom?
Michelle: After visiting a cattle ranch and picking blueberries on the trip, I was hooked! I have been using the lessons ever since.
What is your favorite AITC event and why?
Michelle: The summer conferences are the best! You can attend sessions taught by veteran AITC teachers. Plus, there are agricultural related vendors that you can meet. I have gained so much knowledge about lessons and activities that I never knew existed. Many resources are shared by other teachers and if I didn't attend the conference, I might not know about them.
What advice do you have for other teachers on implementing AITC lessons?
Michelle: I started out slowly by focusing on farm animals. Look at garage sales and thrift stores to pick up agriculture related items to build your lessons. Also, don't forget to search the internet for free resources as well. There are a lot of lessons and information to teach, so start slowly.
What impact has AITC had on your classroom?
Michelle: Ag in the Classroom has provided me with many hands-on, project based learning opportunities and materials for my students. I have found so many resources that I never knew about, before the summer trip.
How do your students respond to the AITC lessons?
Michelle: The lessons are good conversation starters for them, both at school and home. My students are able to go home and talk to their parents about what they have learned. They love the hands on activities and are often shocked to learn where their food and clothing come from.